Welcome to C Pilates Studio

Our fun matwork sessions differ each and every week to give you an all over body conditioning.

We incorporate small equipment such as resistance bands, balls and circles to ensure that you continue to be challenged, feel the effects and see the difference!

You will enjoy the laughs, sweat and challenge in our sessions!

Everyone’s bodies are welcome!

Escape to your Inner Mind

For more details on this very exclusive 2 Night Escape at the Award Winning, 5 Star Mt Lofty House

email: cpilates@optusnet.com.au or call 0438 834 886

Hips To Toes Stretch Workshop


Join us for 2 fabulous hours of stretch therapy, focussing on techniques to improve mobility and release tension from the hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, calf muscles, ankles and feet.

Stretch therapy is a safe and effective method for restoring ease into your daily movement. This workshop is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their range of motion in the hips and legs.  Partner exercises will be included as these significantly improve tension release.  The workshop will conclude with a deep relaxation to assist the body and mind with repatterning your increased movement capabilities.

Presented by Carmel Taylor, alignment based yoga teacher and a senior stretch therapist and practitioner in the Stretch Therapy system, founded by Kit Laughlin.  Carmel's style is fun, approachable and relevant. she is passionate about sharing this information to help you feel better in your body

What is Pilates?

It is the gift of balance and connectivity for your mind, body and soul.

The abundant benefits that Pilates provides for your body are overwhelming, and achievable in a short time frame. You will find stronger, longer and leaner muscles; strengthened core muscles which help alleviate back pain; flattening and shaping of your abdominals; improved posture and balance; and realign the spine which results in alleviating joint pain to name just a few!

Pilates will shape, define and strengthen your entire body. You will walk away feeling taller and stronger and experience immense pleasure & happiness in the process, as Joseph Pilates says: “You feel better in 10 Sessions, look better in 20 sessions and have a whole new body in 30 sessions”.

Our sessions are affordable

Our sessions cost between $10 - $15 per session as I truly believe that Pilates is the most beautiful form of exercise that everyone’s ‘bodies’ should be introduced to. It should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

So now that you know what Pilates can do for you and the overwhelming health benefits, all you need to do is now is a book in a session time. What I may have forgotten to tell you is that Pilates is an addiction – Core Addiction!

Where are we?

Partridge House, Glenelg

Glengowrie Uniting Church, Glengowrie

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Give yourself the gift of balance and connectivity for your mind, body and soul.

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Cherie Melville 0438 834 886 • cpilates@optusnet.com.au