Hannah Who?

I am a freelance writer, editor, marketer, communicator, and PR professional. Put simply, I love anything with words really (and sometimes pictures).

I've got over ten years of marketing, communications, and PR experience. Which means I'm sitting in that happy middle ground of having enough experience to tell your story far and wide, while being "fresh" enough to know how to use snap chat to tell it. 

I have worked and volunteered in the UK, Africa, the US, and Australia. This global experience has been in a variety of sectors including nonprofit, education, health and fitness, publishing, fashion, hospitality, packaging, and manufacturing.

But enough about me. I'd like to hear about you, what makes you tick, and what brings you here. Maybe we can drink some coffee (or wine and cheese) and get to know each other to see how we can work together. I'd love to tell your story. 

  • Writing

Landing page copy, captivating blog content, sales collateral, or ad copy. I write it all.

I write best in a fun — sometimes quirky — conversational tone. But I can also be corporate when it calls for it. I've written for nonprofit organizations and local government, but also about turning 30, dating in the age of social media, and how awkward I am at dancing. So you could say I've got you covered no matter what you need. 


Click on the images below to be taken to some examples of my published work.

Hannah Collins Freelance Writer
Hannah Collins Freelance Writer
Hannah Collins Freelance Writer
Hannah Collins Freelance Writer
Hannah Collins Freelance Writer
  • Editing

Editing is my one true love.

I edit and proofread for spelling, grammar, accuracy, and most importantly, consistency (consistency is QUEEN). If you capitalize a product name on page 1, that capitalization will stay consistent on pages 5, 28, 79, 236, and 590.

Whether you need your sales and marketing content looked at, academic work, product specifications, or articles for print, I'm your girl.

I'm the regular print and online subeditor for mous. magazine - check it out.

  • Marketing

I started my career in marketing.

I worked for a company that was born in a backyard shed and went on to be a $20 million international company with a reputation for unparalleled quality. So I know the power of marketing.

Whether you need a marketing strategy, a direct mail or email campaign, promotional program or sales collateral developed, I've done it all. And would love to do it again.

  • Comms & PR

The power of a well crafted and thoughtfully circulated media release shouldn't be underestimated.

I love public relations and communicating.

I've built PR programs and contact lists from scratch, drummed up many a media release on a deadline, and launched successful events and places through just one page of words.

Every person, project, and organization has a unique story to tell and yours should be next.

Hannah Collins